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by Ted Schmidt
A religion which ends with the individual, ends.
Martin Luther King Jr.
Israel is the number one family-values issue," he says. "Where does marriage come from? God. Where does the Bible come from? Israel. The first family of Christianity –Jesus, Mary, and Joseph– were all Jewish. Israel is the source of everything we have."
Charles McVety
If evangelicals believe that God cares about the fate of a fetus, it shouldn’t require a huge leap in logic to surmise that God cares about people of colour or prisoners or immigrants or those with an orientation other than heterosexual.
Randall Balmer in Thy Kingdom Come
In previous columns, I have written about the extraordinary influence of the Christian right on the catastrophic presidency of George W. Bush, widely regarded as the worst in living memory. It is difficult to evaluate the harm done to Christianity at this time, but it is considerable. Not wanting to tar all stripes of Christianity with too negative a brush, nevertheless the overall abysmal performance of the "true believers" and their
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