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by Irma Zaleski

It is only when we begin to realize this fact of our total connection with Christ –body, mind and soul– that we can approach the Christian teaching on the resurrection of the body with some openness and understanding. One day, at the end of things, we are taught, our bodies –our own flesh-united with Christ’s in an indissoluble bond, shall rise as his did, and thus with him and in him we shall be "glorified" and one with God.
     This belief is, and will always remain, inconceivable: our own minds could never have conceived of it. But neither could they have conceived of the Incarnation! It is a mystery and in this life at least we cannot understand or solve it. We need not, therefore, attempt to meddle with it or try to grasp it with our minds, but leave our hearts free to approach it with reverence and love.

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