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by Kathryn Spink

The plan, according to which everything had happened so swiftly, had also made use of "the fragility of the person in it." That was the way God worked, Jean Vanier recognized –"through what is clean and what is dirty." His own fragility was very complex. He could easily become the naval officer, but behind the capacity of the naval officer was vulnerability. Power in people invariably hid vulnerability in a way which gave him occasion often to speak with curiously vivid imagery of "the wolf at the door of the wound." The wolf in each person was frequently orientated to efficacy. What in his case, the vulnerability was behind the wolf he was not quite certain. He sensed only that
… in each of us there is immense anguish, a fragility which can come out in different ways, confronted by relationships that could lead to anguish, by people whose anguish reveals our own anguish, our fear of contradiction …You’re never quite sure what is a power that is given
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