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by Ted Schmidt
The post-Conciliar Catholic Church was well on its way to becoming a "kingdom" church but then it was hobbled by a failure of nerve. Only an authentic return to a focus on Jesus’ yearning for the kingdom, the reign of peace and justice can save it.
     Jesus’ death on the cross is the consequence of a life in radical service of justice and love, a consequence of his option for the poor and outcast, of a choice for his people suffering under exploitation and oppression.Edward Schillebeeckx OP
Kingdom people are history makers. People who are still living in the false self, in the false world of illusion, are history stoppers. They just keep repeating. They’re conformists, fearful people, the nice respectable proper thinkers of every age who think collectively and have no power to break through…the system is the way people think when they stop thinking. Kingdom thinking will never be commonly accepted.Richard Rohr OFM
We have come a long way from the fiery prophetic figure of Nazareth who shocked and
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