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by Maura Hanrahan
They say be careful what you wish for.
     For years now, I’ve been wishing that Canadians would stop the interminable commentary and debate about what it means to be a Canadian. It seemed that every time you turned on CBC Radio there was Shelagh Rogers’ navel-gazing with some writer or artist or letter carrier or lawyer from Kamloops or Fredericton. These conversations always sounded earnest, and they were incredibly tiresome to listen to.
     It wasn’t just Shelagh and her guests; newspapers and other radio and TV indulged as well. The CBC in general was the worst offender, probably because of its mandate to nurture Canadian culture.
     I’m from a province that was once a country; my roots are in cultures in which heritage and history are understood and valued. I know who I am. I’ve been involved in more than one discussion involving Newfoundlanders mystified about what Canadians were getting on with.

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