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by Gerry McCarthy

Recently in Interview magazine, author Camille Paglia was asked whether art and entertainment awards like the Oscars or Grammys were the "enemy of creativity." She said no. "The idea that it’s discriminatory to declare one work or performance better than another is a prescription for cultural suicide," she insisted. "Human beings construct their identity by comparison and competition."

     Next, Paglia was asked how religion plays into all this. Part of her reply was curious. "Beauty contests, athletics, jurisprudence -so many Western inventions are based on theatrical competition, producing a clear-cut victor," she said. "After the 1960s counterculture, people felt guilty about elitism. We’re still in a PC period when elementary schools and day care centers are banning games where someone can win and `hurt the feelings’ of the losers. Taking the Freudian view, I find this a terribly infantile way to raise children, who need to toughen up. It’s a cultural dead end to think anyone can be spared the hurts of life and never notice that
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