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by Gerry McCarthy
I always associate a vocation with religious life. But that’s probably because I’m Catholic.
     When "Vocation Sunday" comes around in my parish, I can predict what will follow. Although I keep hoping I’ll hear a homily that will broaden our perspective on vocations, I usually leave disappointed.
     Homilies on religious vocations are important. But it’s crucial we recognize that everyone must think of their vocation. The reason is clear: We live in a culture that ruthlessly measures jobs and careers by wealth and status. The idea of fulfillment, purpose, and meaning is now characterized as bizarrely outdated and something hippies wished for in San Francisco 40 years ago.
     Our schools and governments are failing young people today. That’s because we’re slavishly following the dictates of economics when it comes to the important task of helping people follow their vocation.

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