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by Gerry McCarthy

book - the future of christology

Dr. Roger Haight has taught for over 30 years in Jesuit schools of theology in Chicago, Toronto, Manila, and Cambridge (Massachusetts). He currently teaches at Union Theological Seminary in New York City.

     Dr. Haight is Past President of the Catholic Theological Society of America. His book Jesus Symbol of God (Orbis) won first place in the Catholic Press Association’s 2000 Book Award for Theology. Some of his other books include: Dynamics of Theology and Christian Community in History (in two volumes).

     His most recent book The Future of Christology was published by Continuum. I reached him in New York City to speak about the book and other matters.

Gerry McCarthy: In The Future of Christology you write that: "This culture of postmodernity, as I have depicted it, appears threatening to Christian faith in its catechetical form. But it is no more challenging than Hellenistic culture appeared to the Christian movement at the dawn of the second century. This culture should not be viewed only as a threat, but also as a lure to create new construals of Jesus Christ and the church that meet the temper of the time." Do you think postmodernity is misunderstood today? Why does the Vatican view it as a threat?


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