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The celebrated Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward recently appeared on 60 Minutes to speak about his new book State of Denial. How did he sum things up? "It’s the oldest story in the coverage of government: The failure to tell the truth," he said.

     Many have correctly claimed that Woodward is coming a bit late to the story. As journalist David Corn writes "Woodward has slammed his Bigfoot brand name on a notion that’s not new: George W. Bush has not been honest with the public."

     But what’s particularly interesting is how Bush’s allies are now increasingly questioning his war policy. Former Secretary of State James Baker III (a long time Republican) has hinted that the White House’s policy on Iraq must change. Baker is co-chairman of the "Iraq Study Group," which he created last March with the encouragement of some members of Congress. Speaking a few days ago on ABC’s This Week he said: "I think it’s fair to say our commission believes that there are alternatives between the stated alternatives, the ones that are out there in the political debate, of ’stay the course’ and ‘cut and run,’" he said.


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