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by Ted Schmidt
ted schmidt

A mind should be irrigated not flooded.
Jacques Cousteau

Greed has been severely underestimated and denigrated-unfairly so in my opinion. There is nothing wrong with avarice as a motiveā€¦
Canadian business mogul Conrad Black

Greed is good.
Gordon Gecko in Wall Street

The prophet’s field of concern is not the mysteries of heaven, the glories of eternity but the blights of society, the affairs of the market place.
Abraham Heschel

Schools and churches are the last safe havens where the young can explore the sacred and hallowed grounds of their inner worlds without the incursion of the crass evangelism of business. In the last decade, we have seen an unbelievable assault on our senses with the virtual commodification of every space possible. For me, the breaking point was the use of the traditional "red rocket" (a.k.a. streetcars) as a locus of advertising for radio stations and shaving cream. We are talking the whole streetcar as one ad!...

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