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by Ted Schmidt

If the spiritual temperature of an age is balanced and the social organism is sound, the abnormal swarm helplessly among the mass of healthy people without much effect…but it is only when the spirit of an age gets overheated that they can beget war, revolution and spiritual mass movements.
Ernst Kretschmer

One of the biggest changes in politics in my lifetime is that the delusional is no longer marginal. It has come in from the fringe, to sit in the seat of power in the Oval Office and in Congress. For the first time in our history, ideology and theology hold a monopoly of power in Washington.
Bill Moyers in a speech at Harvard, December 4, 2004

If American democracy ceases to move forward as a living force, seeking day and night by peaceful means to better the lot of our citizens, fascism will grow in strength in our land.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, November 4, 1938

Fundamentalisms arise in times of crisis, real or perceived. The sense of change may be keyed to oppressive and threatening social, economic or political conditions, but the ensuing crisis is perceived as a crisis of identity by those who fear extinction as a people.
Scott Appleby and Martin Marty in Fundamentalisms Observed


Chris Hedges is worried, and if Chris Hedges is worried, I’m worried. Hedges is one of those extraordinary journalists which the United States produces with some regularity. Amid the stenographers for American hubris and global power, there is always to be found a bevy of men and women who rescue the Fourth Estate from increasing banality and irrelevance. Some like Robert Scheer of the Los Angeles Times, James Carroll of The Boston Globe, the late Molly Ivins, Seymour Hersh and Robert Fisk of London’s The Independent toil with ferocious independence on great American papers. Unlike their often-supine editorial boards who were forced to apologize for their insufficiently critical coverage of the Iraq War, these men and women shine forth as critical truth tellers who cast a needed light on their society. Others like the great iconoclast himself I. F. (Izzy) Stone, could only function with radical independence. And Izzy Stone began with one cardinal observation: All governments are liars. Chris Hedges is in the same league as the above.


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