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ted schmidt

Ted Schmidt

In America the religion of the crucified messiah and the God of Jesus was hijacked by right wing fundamentalists. Billy Graham, a creation of the American establishment, is the link between post-war religious boosterism and present day therapeutic religion.

Distracted from distraction by distraction
filled with fancies and empty of meaning
Tumid apathy with no concentration.

T.S. Eliot

Was Jesus not crucified as a traitor to all the apparently worthwhile values?
Fr. Johann Metz

"What you need," the Savage went on, "is something with tears for a change. Nothing costs enough here."
Aldous Huxley in Brave New World (1932)

The Roman Catholic Church must take its stand against the world, against the age, against the spirit of the age –because the world and the age are always to a degree, to an important degree, in rebellion against God.
Will Herberg


Bob, whose locker is adjacent to mine in the club where I play squash often engages me in discussions about religion. Recently, this retired professor was chuckling about his friend’s newfound "religion."

     "These suburban churches have it all figured out, Ted. My friend is an ex-Greek Orthodox who recently married into his wife’s evangelical religion. He made it plain that he was going simply because of her, and so off he went. He complained that his experience in the Orthodox Church had been negative. He was always beaten up about how bad he was. Now, he goes to the "mall church," and boy, have things changed. Lots of parking –first good marketing ploy. He’s greeted at the door by a guy who welcomes him, and says that he must be new here because the greeter does not recognize him. Therefore he is told not to bother putting any money in the collection plate. So far so good. Then some guy who’s been on Canadian Idol belts out a hymn. More sing-along music, then a 10 minute sermon (very upbeat –God loves you) and you’re out of there in an hour feeling good about yourself, and the fact that you’ve been to church is a bonus." Bob shakes his head. "These guys are marketing geniuses," he says chuckling to himself as he heads off to the weight room.


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