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by Curtiss Paul DeYoung

Mystic-activists engage in the process of humanization, their own and that of others, from a profoundly spiritual place. Dietrich Bonhoeffer claimed that humanization was at the center of Christian theology. "Christ has taken on this human form … In Christ’s incarnation all of humanity regains the dignity of bearing the image of God. Whoever from now on attacks the least of the people attacks Christ, who took on human form and who in himself has restored the image of God for all who bear a human countenance." Bonhoeffer was making a "subtle reference to the Jewish victims of Nazi genocide."
     Aung San Suu Kyi notes the centrality of humanity in Buddhism, which "places the greatest value on man, who alone of all being can achieve the supreme state of Buddhahood. Each man has in him the potential to realize the truth through his own will and endeavour and to help others realize it. Human life therefore is infinitely precious."

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