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by Steven Poole

The idea that everything is now subordinate to what "capital" wants to "see" is not merely an idée fixe of paranoid anti-globalization protestors, but stated clearly in public by those who minister officially to capital’s desires. Back in the U.S., George W. Bush declared: "We need to reform our legal systems so the people, on the one hand, can get justice; on the other hand, the justice system doesn’t affect the flows of capital." First a hasty sop to liberals –acknowledge that, sure, people should still be able to "get" justice, just as they pop down to the store to get a can of soda –and then the remarkable notion that justice, on the other hand, should never interfere with the operations of money. So justice is a sub-economy within the larger one (you can "get" justice), but it has no right to interfere with overarching systems of profit. Justice is subordinate to and dependent on capitalism, as is even "the strength of our families," according to (former)
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