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by Maura Hanrahan

asian dinosaurs at the royal ontario museum
Two monstrously large skeletons greet me on the main floor of the Royal Ontario Museum (the ROM). Their thigh bones are massive, and I find myself staring up at the bones that supported their bellies. Way up are their skulls and the tips of their long, long spines. Their scale is such that I have to remind myself that, yes, such huge, magnificent creatures really did roam the earth - our home planet - many, many years ago.

     One of these is - or was - Tyrannosaurus bataar; the other, a giant Saurolophus angustriostris. Discovered in the forbidding Gobi Desert in the 1950s, these animals called the earth home 74 million years ago. It turns out, that at seven metres high, they were too big to fit inside the exhibit hall.

     After gaping at the remains of these two ancient beasts, I am drawn into the hall that holds dozens more of these bones, 33 of them complete skeletons. This is Great Asian Dinosaurs: Unique Creatures from Russia’s Vaults, on display at the ROM until March 31.


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