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by John Borst

Books Reviewed in this Essay

God in the Classroom: The Controversial Issue of Religion in Canada’s Schools.
Lois Sweet.
1997. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart.
272 pp. $16.99.

Education and the Soul: Towards a Spiritual Curriculu
John P. Miller.
Albany: State University of New York Press.

2000. 168 pp. $22.50.

Catholic Education: The Future is Now
James Mulligan, CSC. 1999.
Toronto: Novalis.
219 pp. $19.95.

Catholic Education: The Quebec Experience.
Spencer Boudreau. 1999
Calgary: Detselig Enterprises.

110 pp. $18.95.

Religion in schools is an issue with the potential to severely challenge our nation’s self-concepts of diversity and tolerance. Anyone who followed reaction to the Ontario government’s recent extension of a tax-credit to private schools, including denominational private schools, on web-based discussion sites would be justifiably concerned. Comments showing intolerance of religion, a lack of appreciation for Canada’s constitutional history in relation to education and religion, and, occasionally, outright bigotry, were all too prevalent.


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